Black or white interior doors: which color is better?

During the repair or simply refreshing the appearance of the interior, everyone asks the question of choosing interior doors. Especially it concerns the selection of their color – most people simply can not choose between black and white wooden interior doors.

As a rule, several factors are considered when selecting such products. These include not only the peculiarities of interior design but also stylistic solutions and the occupied area. In our material, experts will focus in detail on the selection of interior doors.

Reasons to choose white interior doors

Many people are skeptical about the interior door color selection because they believe it is unnecessary as the main thing is that the product performs its functions. But in reality, it is the color solution that is important, so the experts decided to pay attention to the advantages of white trim white doors.


The choice of products in this shade gives a flight of imagination because they can be made of different materials, with which the surfaces will acquire a matte effect or glossy sheen. Moreover, the white color is currently in trend among interior designers, so the door in this design will fit perfectly into the classic style or the styles of Provence and high-tech.


Using doors in this color allows the apartment owner to expand the space visually. Even fashionable doors with a great height have an excellent design, which does not overload the room and provides natural light in the living space.


The stylistic neutrality of the white color provides an excellent combination of doors with walls made in a different shade. Such a performance can be called independent, so picking up other elements precisely in a different shade is unnecessary. You can buy a white skirting board to solve all questions of compatibility.

In addition, doors in white are pretty practical because they can successfully hide dust or fingerprints, which will save time on the maintenance of such an interior object. White doors are unusual but also a convenient and stylish component of the interior decoration of the apartments at the same time. They can be easily combined with living space design and give a vast space for imagination. 

Reasons to choose black interior doors

Stylists continue to insist on the introduction of dark shades into the interior to emphasize the Stylists insist on introducing dark shades into the interior to emphasize the originality of interior decoration. However, as black is considered a note of aristocracy and luxury, and interior doors are part of the interior, it is worth transforming the space by adding products in black paint.

So, the implementation of black doors in house has the following advantages:

  1. Design expressiveness. These objects instantly come to the forefront and play a leading role in the interior. They also allow you to accentuate a certain element of interior decoration.
  2. Combining accents. These doors gather all the motifs scattered in the dwelling into a single unity.
  3. Masking of voids. If there is a large TV set or fireplace in the room, which is rarely used, the black doors will will allow drawing attention away from them.
  4. Exclusivity. It is quite a rare decision, as any interior with its use can be safely considered the author’s.
  5. Indication of direction. Black doors look great at the end of a long corridor, setting the direction and pointing to the exit. will allow drawing attention away from them..
  6. Visual ceiling elevation. Small doors in a black shade with white casings and light walls seem higher, due to which the effect of a raised ceiling is obtained.
  7. Adding gloss. It is necessary to highlight specific elements in the interior and gather details of the room as a whole.

As we can see, the best black for interior doors is quite an attractive solution that allows you to highlight specific details in the interior design.  

Interior doors color trends

Black vs white interior doors are people’s main options to refresh their apartments. But you should not only focus your attention on them because some exciting solutions will allow you to stand out from the gray masses and declare the uniqueness of the design of private apartments.

Designers and just people who have taste recommend the following shades:

  1. Dark blue. This shade combines well with all the tones, which is why it has earned the trust of artists as one of the main elements of design. Blue does not distract but, on the contrary, enhances other shades and accentuates the right objects.
  2. Green. It is the most tranquil shade for the eyes. Emerald doors in the room will create a sophisticated atmosphere. In addition, green combines with other colors, and it is so calm that it will not overwhelm the mood of any person.
  3. Gray. It is a neutral and versatile color that allows you to focus visitors’ eyes on a particular object in the room. In addition, doors made in this shade easily hide stains or fingerprints. The ease of maintenance also speaks in favor of practicality.

Of course, buying doors in the specified shades is unnecessary, as it is enough to paint them carefully to achieve the desired effect. And do not think that painted doors are entirely out of the ordinary. Designers believe the opposite.

According to experts, painted doors will occupy the niche of accent doors due to their simplicity. However, it is interesting that accent models won’t go anywhere either: they will become more muted or get more texture instead of contrasting paint colors. In the end, these trends could spread around the world for the foreseeable future.

Final words

When renovating, everyone faces a choice: black or white interior door. Each of these products has its advantages and disadvantages, which are worth paying attention to when buying. Any such interior item can bring exclusivity to the design of the living space. It will allow you to stand out from the crowd and declare your uniqueness.

Both options have an enviable practicality and an attractive appearance and go perfectly with any finish in the room. These doors also last well with proper maintenance and careful care. You don’t need to make any significant effort to maintain their pristine appearance – just wipe them gently with a damp cloth.