A Guide to the Different Types of Cooktops for Your Kitchen

Recent statistics reveal that the worldwide range hood and cooktop market value in 2020 was $23,875.3 million. Experts believe that by 2030, it will grow to $37,646.2 million.

At the heart of every kitchen is where you make food so that you can sit and enjoy your meals with good company at the table. A standalone appliance, the stovetop, or “cooktop,” installs directly to the countertop. It is separate from the oven but looks like a stovetop.

There are a few types of cooktops. Their differences will significantly impact how you cook, so it is best to understand how they operate before you shop for one. Here’s what every cooktop customer must know before they buy.

Cooktop Options

If you want to make kitchen upgrades, buying a cooktop is an excellent choice. However, you want to find the right type of new cooktop, especially since kitchen remodeling is a significant expense. To begin, here are the options you have.

Gas Cooktops

It would be best to have liquid propane or natural gas to cook food with a gas cooktop. Since it has a flame that can be instantly adjusted, you have responsive control when changing the heat. There is no need to wait to heat up or cool down.

Not only that but the size and color of the flame are apparent, so you can easily judge how much heat you are getting. There are great options available when you visit an established location.

Electric Cooktops

This type uses heated metal coils or often has a heating element on a flat glass or ceramic surface. They are good sources to give the bottom of a pot direct energy, which is why they can boil quickly.

Electric cooktops do not require unique cookware. They are easy to clean, too. That is because they have a flat, smooth surface.

Although, you may need to purchase a special cleaner to prevent scratches.

Induction Cooktops

It uses electromagnetism for heat. Essentially, cookware is heated by the cooktop’s source of heat.

Usually, the surrounding element will be hot, too. While the electromagnetic reaction makes the pot or pan hot, you must be careful of the area. Plus, you cannot use aluminum or copper cookware.

Still, the induction cooktop allows for temperatures to rise or drop rapidly. You get faster cooking with this type.

Downdraft Cooktops

You can get this type with either an electric or gas configuration. The ventilation system integrates directly with the cooking surface. With a downdraft cooktop, you do not need an overhead vent in your kitchen upgrade.

This is a brilliant option when installing a cooktop on a kitchen island or in an area where you cannot place a hood. Although, it is essential to have under-counter cabinet space available.

Types of Cooktops

When looking to upgrade your kitchen, these are the types of cooktops you can choose from. Gas, electric, induction, or downdraft are excellent cooktop options. All you must do is select one that fits your cooking style.

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