5 Tips For Window Care And Maintenance

When you first move into your home, one of the last things on your mind is its upkeep. Many parts of a home need regular care and attention, including the windows. Windows are every home’s asset that should also be taken care of. This means there should be no room for dust marks and fingerprints to linger or any chance of reducing your windows’ functionality.  

Caring for windows is also crucial to preserve their quality and to continue enjoying the benefits of protected windows. The goal of every homeowner is to have clean and well-kept windows that stand the test of time, quality-wise. When problems arise, it’s a must to immediately draw attention to them, as even something as small as chipped paint can become a bigger problem when ignored. 

Get to know what it takes to give your windows that much-needed tender love and care with these suggestions outlined below.  

1. Examine Your Windows Annually 

Don’t be fooled by a window that looks seemingly fine and perfect. It may look well on the outside, but there could be some problems with it that only experts can identify. Because of this, it’s crucial to have your window examined annually. Doing so can help homeowners stay on top of the slightest problems to prevent further damage.  

It’s essential to answer the following questions: 

  • Are the windows still operating efficiently? 
  • Is there condensation building up between the panes?
  • Are there any broken glass panes? 

During that annual check, leave no window ignored. Remember to include everything, even those in areas of your home with low traffic. Routine window inspections can save you from bigger problems that require significant amounts of repair or, further down the road, even a replacement. 

2. Clean The Window Panels And Frames 

Now that you’ve scheduled those annual checks with your trusted window care and maintenance company, it’s time to discuss what you must do yourself. Begin by cleaning the window panels and frames. The environment directly impacts the windows, both for the interior and exterior. Hence, the need to stay on top of your window cleaning schedule and routine.

Window Care And Maintenance

When cleaning your window panels and frames, take extra caution with the type of cleaning agents you use. Windows need special care, so using lukewarm water and a mild detergent is best. After cleaning, dry with a microfiber cloth to remove moisture from the frames and gaskets. If the windows are extra dirty, cleaning them twice to remove dust and prevent streaks is best.  

3. Caulk And Seal The Windows 

Like other materials, the weather stripping around windows and doors degrades over time. These need to be replaced or re-done occasionally, so check your window’s condition.  

This is vital to window maintenance, as worn-down weather strips affect the home’s energy efficiency. With a bigger opening, moisture leads to mold, mildew, or rotting of wooden frames.

4. Clean And Lubricate The Tracks 

The panels and frames are clean, and now you must go deeper by taking care of the window tracks. They may not be the most visible parts of windows, but they still need a lot of cleaning. Lubricating and keeping the tracks clean ensures the proper functioning of your windows, where they can continue to open and close with ease.  

Run to the nearest hardware store, as most will carry a general, non-detergent lubricant. Alternatively, you can create your own with a simple water and gentle soap solution. 

5. Check The Window Fit 

The longer you’ve had your home, the higher the chances that the window’s fit is no longer as snug as it was on installation day. Many factors affect this, like environmental exposure, varying weather conditions, and even general wear and tear from everyday use. 

A bad window fit may seem like a small problem, but it significantly affects the windows’ performance. They’ll be less energy efficient, allowing more air and water. A telling sign is when doors or windows don’t open all the way or when there’s moisture. 

The Bottomline  

Windows look like one of the simplest parts of a home, but in reality, they need just as much care and maintenance as the others. The more windows you have, the more attention you’ll have to give. The last thing you’d want is to walk into a home where dust and dirt are visible on your windows. Then, as to their function, windows do much more than bring beautiful views to your home. A lot comes into window care and maintenance, but with the above ideas, you finally know how and where to start.