5 Indoor Activities You Can Do When It’s Too Hot Outside

Did you know that the hottest temperature ever recorded in the United States was in Death Valley, with temps rising to 134 degrees Fahrenheit? Summer is renowned as the time of the year when school is out of session and adventure is on the horizon. The downside is that summer can bring some sweltering temperatures that make it miserable to be outside for extended periods.

Finding indoor activities to do when you’re trying to beat the heat can become a challenge depending on where you live. The good news is that you have plenty of options to keep yourself and your family members entertained during a heat wave even if you have a broken AC.

Keep reading for five fun indoor summer activities for the whole family today!

1. Go Ice Skating

Not many people think of ice skating as a summer activity that you can use to beat the heat, but it’s a fun way to get some exercise and avoid sweltering temperatures. You’ll need to start by looking to see if there are any indoor skating rinks near you. It’s a good idea to bring some warmer clothing so that you’ll remain comfortable throughout your time on the ice.

2. Make a Fort

Unbearable summer heat is also a great time to give your creative side some exercise, and what better way to do that than by creating a fort in your home? You can use anything from kitchen tables to couch cushions to create a comfy fort to spend your day in until the AC Repair service arrives.

3. Play Boardgames

Another fun option that you should consider if you’re looking for indoor activities to beat the current heat wave is to break out the board games and have a throwback day of fun. Games like Monopoly, Candy Land, and Game of Life are great vintage board games that the entire family will enjoy. Pair that with some ice-cold Kool-Aid and you’re ready for a fun vintage-themed day!

4. Create an Obstacle Course

If you’re ready to embrace your inner kid then you need to create an obstacle course in your home. You can set up obstacles that you’ll need to overcome or you can pretend that the floor is lava. No matter which option you choose, you’re sure to have a grand time!

5. Nerf War

You’ll need to make sure that you have Nerf guns and plenty of Nerf darts at your disposal to make this fun indoor activity a reality. The good part is that you can have a Nerf war anywhere in your home without causing damage. Embrace your inner secret agent and show the rest of the family who the true champion is!

Enjoy These Indoor Activities Today

Encountering an unbearable heat wave is part of getting through summer, but there are plenty of fun indoor activities that you can take part in while you wait for the summer heat to pass. Ice skating is a great way to escape the heat and get some exercise, while a board game day will help you get your nostalgia fix. You also can’t go wrong with a good, old-fashioned Nerf war.

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