5 Bathroom Layout Design Tips for Improving Your Bathing Area

Did you know a bathroom remodel can increase your home’s saleability value to 58%? Once you know where all the elements of your bathroom will go, you can use the space in the most attractive way. After all, you spend much time in your bathroom, so it must be functional, comfortable, and beautiful.

The design of your bathroom can have a massive effect on how your bathing area looks. It can feel like you’re in over your head if you are unsure where to start.

Read on to discover the best bathroom layout design to improve your bathing area.

1. Optimizing Space in a Small Bathroom

When optimizing space for your dream bathroom, consider the layout design of the area. Use a pedestal or corner sink to free up storage space.

Add a wall-mounted shelf or shelving to give extra storage above the toilet. Utilize recessed nooks and cubbies to keep items off the countertops and out of the way.

Look for narrow furniture with high ceilings if you have a small bathroom. Make sure to find a bathroom mirror to open up the space even more. 

2. Add a Spa Shower

A spa shower is a luxurious and refreshing way to relax and re-center. Today’s spa showers have digital temperature controls, adjustable spray heads, and de-ionized water filters.

Adding a spa shower to one’s bathroom will add elegance while being practical, as they are highly customizable and have various features. If the floor space allows, adding a bench or shelf into the shower helps to keep it organized. 

3. Utilizing a Proper Plumbing Layout

For starters, it’s essential to consider where your sink, shower, and toilet should be placed. Try to keep them relatively close together, as this will help with efficiency when it comes to plumbing.

Additionally, keep in mind the location of any existing plumbing lines. It’s also important to consider which pipes need to be routed. The best way to do that may involve using elbows, long runs, and additional fittings. Finally, leave yourself some room to work so that if you ever need to make any changes to the plumbing lines, you can. 

4. Incorporating Lighting for Maximum Effect

When designing your bathroom aesthetics, it is crucial to consider lighting for maximum effect. The type of lighting you choose is subjective, but you should include both natural and artificial light.

Natural light brings a calming atmosphere, making a room appear brighter and more open. You can use artificial lighting to provide task lighting, such as in the shower area, so you can see while applying products like shaving cream. For a dramatic effect, consider adding dimmers or installing a few wall sconces to help create a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

5. Choose the Right Tub

Determine the size of tub you need and the number of people it will accommodate regularly. Next, consider the tub’s shape, material, and color and the bathroom fixtures that will complement it, such as shower curtains, vanities, and drains.

Freestanding tubs can be a great aesthetic choice and typically require more space than a drop-in tub. If the bathroom is smaller, a drop-in tub will likely need less space but can make a great decor piece.

Learn the Best Bathroom Layout Design Tips for Your Next Remodelling

A well-planned bathroom layout design can make a big difference in convenience and functionality. Utilize the correct dimensions, keep elements organized, and use the right combination of materials. Creating a bathroom you’ll love is easy with the right design and planning.

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