Tips for Choosing the Best Handmade Mugs

Several people have already discovered the uniqueness and beauty of handmade mugs. Most of them will say that, compared to generic mass-produced mugs, they are so much nicer. Handcrafted mugs add liveliness to your dining table and help you show off your taste, preferences, and style. Handmade mugs are also great conversation starters as you host guests, and give a special treat to all those that drink from them.

Selecting the best handmade mugs involves considering both their aesthetic and functional aspects. Below are some tips to help you choose the perfect handmade mugs:

Check the quality of the craftsmanship

As you look at the quality of craftsmanship, you examine the artists’ level of skill, attention to detail, and overall excellence demonstrated in the creation of their work of art. Craftsmanship comprises various aspects, including design, materials used, techniques applied, and the overall aesthetic and functional aspects of the finished product.

The quality of craftsmanship is an important reflection of the passion, dedication, and expertise of the craftsman. It encompasses not only the technical aspects of creating an item but also the artistic and emotional elements that make the product truly exceptional. Thus, when choosing handcrafted mugs, consider the artist’s quality of craftsmanship.

Consider the materials

Handmade mugs can be crafted from a variety of materials including ceramics, porcelain, stoneware, etc. When selecting a material for your handmade mugs, consider factors such as their intended use, aesthetics, and durability. Different materials have different properties, and the choice of material can greatly influence the overall look and feel of a finished mug. Choose one that matches your personal preference and intended use.

Check reviews and recommendations

Look for online reviews about handmade utensil artists or handcraft makers such as Supper Club. Reading reviews and reaching out to sellers with questions can help you make an informed decision based on your preferences and needs. Also, check out reputable sources, platforms, or even craft fairs in your area to discover a wide variety of handmade mugs to choose from.

Think about aesthetics and design

Both aesthetics and design are key parts of creating products, spaces, and experiences that resonate with people and serve their intended purposes. Select handmade mugs that resonate with your style and complement your home décor. Whether you prefer the minimalist, rustic, or vibrant design, you can get mugs that work for you.

Consider the origin and authenticity

Handmade mugs have a long history dating back to ancient civilizations. The origin of handmade pottery can be traced to various cultures around the world, including Egypt, Mesopotamia, and many others.

Authenticity matters when it comes to handmade mugs. It refers to whether a mug is genuinely crafted by hand by skilled artisans instead of being mass-produced by machines. If you appreciate the uniqueness of handmade goods, inquire about the mug’s origin and production process.

Consider the price and your budget

Handmade mugs can vary widely in price depending on factors such as materials used, the artists’ skills, the level of detail, and the location where they are being sold. Generally, your budget determines the type of handmade mug you can afford. If you’re on a tight budget, you can still find charming handmade mugs that fit within your price range.


The best handmade mug for you is the one that resonates with your preferences, lifestyle, and values. Take your time to explore different options and choose mugs that you’ll enjoy using or serving your guests for years to come.