The Ultimate Guide to Efficiently Cleaning Office Buildings

Cleaning and disinfecting your office building is one of the most important jobs you can have. Many employees spend up to six hours in the workplace, and one sick employee can infect an entire building.

A clean office will also help keep allergy and asthma sufferers from getting worse, improving overall wellness and the office environment.

After hours, however, cleaning office buildings can seem daunting. Where and how do you even start?

The good news is you’re in the right place. Need a more efficient cleaning of your office building? Keep reading for all the details.

Assessing Your Cleaning Needs

Before you start cleaning, you must understand what your office building needs. When choosing a space, consider its size, how many employees it can hold, the type of business you do, and any cleanliness requirements. Take time to evaluate these factors to determine the scope of your cleaning efforts accurately.

Creating a Cleaning Schedule

Efficiency begins with a well-structured cleaning schedule. Depending on the specific needs of your office building, you may need daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tasks. Create a detailed cleaning schedule to avoid missing any areas and make maintenance a regular task for your office.

Supplies for Cleaning Office Buildings

Cleaning office buildings effectively requires the right tools and products. Get all the cleaning supplies like disinfectants, all-purpose cleaners, cloths, mops, and brooms. Investing in the right tools will save time and effort in the long run.

Prioritizing High-Traffic Areas

Certain areas in an office building are used more frequently than others. These high-traffic zones include entranceways, lobbies, and break rooms. To keep the atmosphere clean and welcoming, clean these areas more often for employees and visitors.


A cluttered workspace not only looks messy but can also hinder workplace productivity. Encourage employees to keep their workstations organized and free from unnecessary items. Regularly decluttering common areas and individual workspaces can go a long way in maintaining a clean office.

Restroom Sanitation

Restrooms are a critical part of any office building, and they require special attention. Ensure that they are cleaned and stocked with essentials daily. To stop illnesses from spreading, clean surfaces and offer hand sanitizers to employees.

Cleaning Windows and Glass Surfaces

Clean windows and glass surfaces look nice and let in more natural light. Cleaning these surfaces regularly can help make the office look more inviting.

Make sure to use appropriate cleaning products to avoid streaks and smudges. Regularly clean these areas to keep your office bright and cheerful.

Garbage Disposal

Regular garbage disposal is essential for keeping your office clean. Plan when to empty the garbage bins.

Sort the products into recyclables, general waste, and hazardous materials. This will help you dispose of rubbish properly and prevent contamination or injury due to improper disposal.

Vacuuming/Carpet Cleaning

Regular vacuuming and carpet cleaning help keep floors clean and free of dirt, dust, and allergens. To prevent allergies and breathing problems, use a vacuum with HEPA filtration. It captures tiny particles.

To keep your carpets and area rugs looking their best, it’s essential to have them deep-cleaned regularly. Hiring a professional area rug cleaning service is a great way to maintain their quality and beauty.

Air Quality Control

Keeping air quality high is important for employee health and morale. To keep the air clean, change HVAC filters often.

Use eco-friendly cleaning products without harmful chemicals. Indoor plants can help by removing toxins and adding oxygen. Additionally, good ventilation can help to keep the air in your office.

Floor Care

The type of flooring in your office building will dictate the maintenance required. Whether carpet, tile, or hardwood, establish a regular cleaning schedule to keep the floors looking their best. This may include vacuuming, mopping, or even periodic professional cleaning.

Kitchen and Break Room Maintenance

Break rooms and kitchens are communal areas where employees eat, relax, and socialize. These spaces need consistent attention to ensure they remain clean and hygienic. To keep your home smelling nice, regularly clean appliances, countertops, and the refrigerator.

Electronics and Technology

Don’t forget to clean electronic equipment such as computers, keyboards, and phones. These devices can harbor germs, so disinfect them regularly. Clean inside electronic devices, too, as dust can affect their performance.


In today’s world, the importance of disinfection cannot be overstated. To keep clean, disinfect doorknobs, light switches, and elevator buttons several times daily. Using EPA-approved disinfectants can help prevent the spread of illnesses.

Employee Involvement

Keeping the office clean is not just the janitor’s job; everyone can help. Encourage employees to clean up after themselves and report any issues or areas needing attention.

Professional Cleaning Services

Regular cleaning can keep an office clean, but sometimes professionals are needed. janitorial services for offices are experts in cleaning hard-to-reach places properly. Make it a point to schedule regular deep cleanings to remove hidden dirt and grime.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Sustainability is a growing concern, and many businesses are adopting eco-friendly cleaning practices. Search for eco-friendly cleaning products and methods to lessen your office’s environmental impact.

Regular Maintenance and Repairs

Maintaining a clean office is not just about wiping down the surfaces. Regularly inspect furniture, equipment, appliances, and other building areas for necessary repairs or maintenance. Taking care of these tasks early can help prevent further damage or dirt buildup. 

Education and Awareness

One of the most important things to consider when keeping a clean office is educating your staff on office building cleaning best practices. Stress the need to wash hands and sanitize to stop the spread of germs. These simple steps can go a long way towards reducing the risk of illness and infection in your workspace. 

A Sparkling Workplace Awaits

To summarize, it is essential to keep an office building clean and well-maintained. This creates a professional and healthy work environment.

This guide gives strategies and tips for cleaning office buildings. Use them to clean efficiently and save time.

Don’t wait any longer; start implementing these practices today and see the difference they can make in your office space. Remember, a clean office is a happy and productive office. Take charge of your cleaning routine and elevate your workplace to the next level.

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