The Pros of Using Promo Codes for Online Furniture Shopping

Many stores use promo codes, strings of letters or numbers, to offer customers discounts. These codes can be offered through email campaigns, social media promotions, or in-store marketing.

Some retailers also offer BOGO deals, allowing customers to buy one product and receive another for free. This can be an effective way to boost sales and clear inventory.


A promo code (or coupon) is a string of letters and numbers that an eCommerce store can share with its customers to help them save money on their online orders. These codes can be displayed in several ways, including on a website, an app, or through email and social media marketing campaigns. They are usually around five to 10 characters long, in all caps, and sometimes spell out a word connected with the type of discount offered.

These promotional codes can be very effective for increasing sales, but they should be used sparingly not to devalue your brand image. Studies have shown that if you give your customers a discount, their level of oxytocin increases, making them feel good about themselves and their purchase.

In addition to boosting sales, promo codes can help generate leads and track the performance of marketing campaigns. For example, if you offer your customers a discount if they complete an online survey or share their purchases on social media, they are more likely to do so. This way, you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and improve future efforts.

If you use a coupon system that requires your customers to enter a code during checkout, it’s best to hide this field by default. Seeing an empty field can cause cart abandonment, so only show it if a valid coupon is available.


Whether for discounts on furniture pieces or other merchandise, a Castlery promo code can significantly improve customers’ shopping experience. Depending on the store, these codes can be redeemed as a coupon, offer code, or discount voucher upon checkout. Customers can type or copy and paste them into the box at checkout to receive a specific discount. However, some stores may require that customers click a special link to apply their code.

Most online stores allow multiple discount codes to be used simultaneously. This is often referred to as “stacking” codes. These can be applied at various stages of the checkout process, including after entering shipping and billing information. Stackable online coupons can help save time and money when buying furniture or other items on a website.

The coupon codes vary by store, but many include a percentage or dollar amount off of a product. Some also provide free or discounted shipping. If you want to know the specifics of a coupon, look at its fine print, which usually includes its expiration date and any other restrictions or limitations.

A good tip is to use a tool that automatically searches the web for the best deals and coupons on products you want. It can also save you from the frustration of comparing prices on different sites.


Online shoppers have many reasons to use promo codes. They can save time by shopping at stores that offer them and enjoy more convenience by using them from the comfort of their homes or workplaces. Promo codes can encourage customers to purchase products they may not have considered. Moreover, they can be a great way for eCommerce businesses to increase customer loyalty and track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Online retailers often require that customers spend a minimum amount to redeem coupon codes. This might include a percentage of the total order price or a fixed amount. In addition, some retailers may also allow users to stack multiple codes. The code box where users can enter these codes is usually labeled “coupon codes,” although it may also be called a gift card or discount code.

Signing up for a retailer’s newsletter is another great way to save time while shopping. Besides offering exclusive offers, some companies will share their best promotional codes with their subscribers. These codes can be a great way to incentivize customers to buy more from them, especially if the coupon is for a limited-time discount or gift. In addition, signing up for a newsletter can also help you keep in touch with your brand and learn about new products.

Customer loyalty

Promo codes are among the best ways to promote your online furniture business and drive brand loyalty. However, setting clear goals and determining which type of discounts will help you achieve your objectives, such as increasing sales, promoting a specific product, or clearing out inventory, is essential. These goals will help you create targeted and effective e-commerce coupon codes to meet your business needs.

Percentage discount codes are among the most popular e-commerce coupon types. These codes take a fixed percentage off an order and can be applied to the entire cart or select items. They can also provide free shipping, an attractive incentive for customers.

Another type of e-commerce coupon is the gift-with-purchase promotion. This code will add a complimentary item to an order, such as a free tote with a $75 purchase. These codes are often limited to a specific period or can only be used once.

If you have seen many customers abandon their carts, consider offering a coupon code to encourage them to complete their purchase. However, it is essential to understand the root causes of cart abandonment before sending a coupon code. If you don’t fix the underlying issues, your coupon code may only be a bandage for a bigger problem.