The Best Ways to Pay off Mortgage Debt (2023)

Some estimate that most of America’s debt is in the form of mortgages. If this is true, then paying off mortgage debt is one of the biggest financial hurdles a person will have to deal with in their lifetime. Not only are mortgages expensive, but the rising inflation certainly hasn’t made things easier.

This raises the question of how people manage to pay off their mortgages. The truth is that there are a few different ways to get out of mortgage debt. We’ll talk about a few of these methods and how you can make them work for you in this article.

Lower Interest Rates

The most important step towards getting out of debt is figuring out how to curtail it. This is usually done by talking to your mortgage broker and explaining the situation. They might be able to find a way to lower your interest rate.

You could also try making bigger payments that cover the accrued interest plus a little extra. While this won’t technically lower interest rates, it will deal with the interest while also chipping away at the initial debt. This is a  great strategy whether you’re paying off a reverse mortgage or a regular mortgage.

Cut Spending

Another way to get out of debt is to cut spending. We get that money might be tight, especially now, but the littlest things can help. Passing up that morning coffee run, for instance, saves you about $2.

$2 is not a lot, but it adds up. Little things like coffee before work or a candy bar at the checkout line really do make a difference.

You could also try a more proactive approach and have a small amount of money automatically taken out of your paycheck and transferred into a separate account. Even if you only set aside $10 every week, that will add up to over $500 by the end of the year.


You could even go one step further and put a few dollars in a savings account every month. That way, in addition to the deposits you make, you’ll also accrue interest, usually between .16 and .25% percent per year.

Fractions of a percent might not seem like much, but the return gets bigger the more money you put into the account. A $100 account will generate up to a quarter per year. However, the interest amount for next year then becomes slightly bigger because you have a bit more in the account this year.

How to Get Out of Mortgage Debt

If you’re wondering how to get out of mortgage debt, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve offered a few solutions in this article, but paying off any significant debt revolves around saving money and breaking the debt down into more manageable pieces. Since there are, in theory, countless ways to do that, there are also countless ways to get out of debt.

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