The 6 Clever Ways To Lighten Up A Dark Room

Dark spaces can be gloomy and kill a colorful vibe, imparting an overall dull look. They may be good for cafes, spas, or theatre rooms; however, dark rooms at home can sometimes be depressing. Moreover, dark rooms can make people feel lethargic. Here are a few expert tips from interior designers on brightening up a dark room and bringing back the flavors of life.

1) Pick A Bright Rug

Colorful bright rugs can immediately add a bold appearance to your room, especially if the flooring is dark. Vibrant-colored rugs with colorful ottomans and bright pillows can lighten up the entire space and bring more pop in the room. However, while picking colorful rugs, avoid going too overboard with yellows and reds. They might appear fun and artistic in the beginning, but in the long run, may look chaotic.

2) Add Silvery Accents

Metallic surfaces are known to reflect light and brighten up your space. Add excitement to any dark room using metal accents on furniture, in artwork, or on the ceiling. Metallic accents can also be mixed with other materials, such as natural stone, glass, or marble to add a more colorful character to the dark space. For an added touch of luxury, consider using gold or silver leaf. You can even add metal accents to your walls with wallpaper or paint.

3) Use Mirrors To Accentuate Sunlight

Mirrors, when placed in the right position are an excellent source of reflective light and humans have used this method for several centuries. One classic example is the lighthouse of Alexandria – Pharos, which boasts a large metal mirror that reflects sunlight throughout the day. A single large mirror, when kept up directly opposite a window is the best way to accentuate the entire space and brighten up the room. Exceptional quality Anima Domus mirrors can be perfectly made a part of any room to give a grandeur look to the darker space.

Mirrors can be used to create the most beautiful pattern of light.

4) Use Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are a perfect way to illuminate a wall and give a higher definition to the space. Installing Anima Domus wall sconces near a large painting or any artwork can do wonders. To create a more captivating focal point, place a pair or trio of sconces near mirrors.

Up-Down wall sconces are an ideal way to achieve a brighter space as it directs light onto walls or toward the ceiling. By doing this, you allow the light to bounce off these surfaces and illuminate the room more evenly.

5) Opt For Light-Wood Flooring

One way to brighten up a dark room is to add light-colored or white wood flooring. This will reflect more light and make the space feel bigger and brighter. Light-colored flooring is ideal for darker rooms and gives more warmth to a space. If your room has dark furniture, you can also try changing the upholstery to lighter colors to match the flooring.

6) Pick A Neutral Colour Palette

Paint your room’s walls with neutral color hues, such as lavender, soft gray, powder blue, etc. Our top pick goes for Lavender color as it’s very versatile and can suit everyone’s taste. Moreover, a great idea is to splash lavender color with pastels for a more elegant look. Walls painted with Lavender can create a more calming look yet brighten up the overall vibe of the dark room.

Final Words

In conclusion, if you are looking for a way to brighten up a dark room, consider one of these six clever solutions. Adding more light sources, using light colors, and choosing Anima Domus mirrors and wall sconces can all help to brighten up a space.