Modern solutions in roof windows: comfort and style in the attic

Increasingly, we are making practical use of the attic in both single-family houses and office buildings. In order to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to install roof windows, which provide adequate light, comfort and many practical benefits. To choose them well, you should first learn a little about them and bet on a product from a trusted producer – after all, this is a very important decision for years to come.

Modern roofing solutions are fortunately able to meet all the requirements we place on them in modern interiors. What do we have in mind? Obviously, the comfort of use, which in the case of an attic may prove to be a great challenge, the quality of workmanship and maintaining the aesthetics of the interior. Therefore, by choosing windows from a proven and experienced producer, you will be sure to get high-quality pitched roof windows, as well as for interiors with a high or low knee wall. You will easily select the most functional solutions where you want to open up the space to the surroundings.

How to locate roof windows?

Windows in the attic are mainly responsible for proper ventilation, fresh air supply and illumination of dark corners. Therefore, it is very important to use the rule about the correct distribution of glazing. This is a minimum of 1/8 of the floor area, i.e. the more space you have, the more windows you should install in order to create the right conditions for work, study and rest. The number, width and height of the windows can also be checked against the conditions of the room in question in the loft – a lot depends on the orientation of the space in relation to the world sides, as well as the roof pitch.

What should you pay attention to before installing loft windows?

  • The optimum glazing area – it is recommended that the window area should be at least 1/8 of the floor area.
  • The advantages of several smaller windows – spreading several smaller windows evenly on the roof can provide more light than a single large window in the same area.
  • Orientation in relation to the world sides – windows installed on the south side of the roof provide more light and warmth, which encourages optimum use of natural light.
  • Light distribution and ventilation – to ensure even distribution of light and to encourage proper ventilation, it is recommended that windows are placed on both sides of the roof.
  • The pitch of the roof – the lower the pitch of the roof, the longer the window should be to provide sufficient light and ensure an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Modern roof windows to fit your needs

The current standard is to design loft rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. However, this also requires windows to be adapted to specific needs. Such windows are then produced with a focus on increasing their functionality, especially in rooms with increased humidity, such as bathrooms or kitchens.

It is therefore advisable to choose windows that are more moisture-resistant than standard models. Their construction and especially the profiles are based on high-quality thermally-modified wood and coated with a layer of polyurethane, which ensures greater durability and resistance to damp conditions. In addition, in rooms exposed to moisture, bedrooms or children’s rooms, it is also important to provide effective ventilation, which can be integrated directly into the window.

It is worth considering, if you have the option, windows fitted with a ventilation system with a recuperator, which not only provides a high air exchange rate but also recovers heat and provides noise protection. For bedrooms, windows with a rain-silencing package are highly recommended, which provide additional noise protection and reduce noise by up to 50%! External blinds can also be an additional sound insulator, and for homes with young children, consider ordering windows with safety glass, which won’t break into sharp pieces in the event of a breakage, thus providing greater safety for children playing near the window. You can see even more types of roof windows and modern solutions by visiting

Functional roof window opening

As we have already mentioned, the functionality of loft windows is determined to a large extent by the way they open. Therefore, depending on the height of the knee wall and the roof slope angle, you may choose glazing with both bottom and top openings. Windows with the handle located in the lower part of the sash will be definitely more friendly in places where the knee wall is high. The bottom opening system will then allow the window to be easily operated even by a short person. Please note that in the case of such a window, you need to think carefully about the arrangement of the room, as furniture placed under the window may restrict free access to the handle.

Therefore, if the knee wall is not very high, windows with the handle located in the upper part of the sash are a better and more convenient choice. This solution is very ergonomic, as a standing person can open and close the glazing comfortably, without having to bend down. At the same time, this type of opening protects small children from opening the window by themselves.

If you want to be even more functional and modern, many companies provide the option of operating the window remotely – in which case it is worth bringing a standard power supply to the window at the installation stage, which will enable electrical control via remote control or even a mobile app.