How to Say Goodbye to Lawn Maintenance Forever

When the goal is beautiful landscaping and enviable curb appeal, natural grass proves to be a headache for the average homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area looking to maintain their lawn independently. From changing weather conditions, weeds, and infestations, natural grass is affected by many elements that must constantly be factored into their care for the best-looking landscaping. Even when you’ve given all your attention, time, and resources possible, natural grass may still not look or feel the way you want. Switching to luxury artificial grass in Toronto is a great way to get the appeal and functionality of a healthy lawn without any time-consuming and resource-draining maintenance.

 What is Artificial Grass?

European artificial grass in Toronto is a uniquely designed synthetic turf engineered to look and feel like lush and healthy natural grass. Made with advanced polyurethane backings and resilient fibres, European artificial grass offers beautiful landscaping aesthetics to backyards, front lawns, and other custom applications.

 Why Go-Maintenance Free?

Lawn maintenance is no easy undertaking. When the weather heats up, caring for traditional grass is a daily task that is laborious, costly, and time-intensive. Whether you’re spending hours watering your lawn in the evening, mowing your grass in the mornings, or painstakingly pulling weeds out of your yard, there’s still no guarantee that your landscaping will retain its visual appeal. With artificial grass for backyards or front lawn landscaping, you can significantly reduce your maintenance routine, minimize your lawn care costs, and access more free time, all without compromising on the quality or appearance of your landscaping.

 No More Expensive Watering with Artificial Grass

Water is one of the most significant costs of natural landscaping, especially during the summer when intense heat quickly dries and burns real grass. Installing artificial grass in your backyard or front lawn will almost entirely eliminate your watering needs. The only time you’ll use water for your artificial grass is the occasional rinse, saving you time or the investment in lawn irrigation systems while also significantly reducing your utility costs.

 Skip Tedious Lawn Mowing with Artificial Grass

The height or length of grass is incredibly important to a well-manicured lawn. Unfortunately, maintaining the perfect lawn height is challenging when it comes to artificial grass. A sudden onset of rain can cause drastic growth. On the other hand, one mistake with the mower can leave your grass too short, in which case you have to wait for its return to a healthy and appealing height. When you shop artificial grass for your backyard or front lawn, you can simply pick the turf that best suits your taste. Available in various heights and densities, artificial grass never needs to be mowed, cut, or trimmed.

 Free Your Lawn of Harsh Chemicals & Fertilizers

When you care about curating a beautiful lawn, at one point or another, you’ll inevitably find yourself trying to leverage fertilizer. When handling your lawn maintenance yourself, working with fertilizers is notoriously tricky. Not only can they be hazardous to pets and children playing in the grass, but fertilizers can also be difficult to balance. When used in excess, they can cause chemical burns to your grass that can be difficult to revive.

Because the synthetic environment is uninhabitable to mold, bacteria, and insects, which tend to infest natural grass environments, your artificial grass in Toronto requires zero chemical additives and fertilizers to maintain its appeal, health, and vibrance. The absence of these harsh chemical lawn treatments costs less and ensures your artificial backyard grass is safer for you and your family.

 Keep Weeds Out of Your Landscaping

Even if you’re able to sustain a lush lawn, homeowners with natural grass landscaping inevitably find themselves dealing with the problem of pesky weeds come mid-spring and summer. Weeds are frustrating because keeping them gone for good can feel like an impossible task once they start to bloom. Whether you’re spraying them, hiring landscapers, or digging them out by hand, the process of annual weed removal can be physically taxing and expensive. To keep weeds out of your landscaping, artificial grass can be installed with a high-density weed barrier that stops weeds deep within the soil from penetrating the surface of your grass while also preventing seeds in the air from embedding them in the ground beneath your turf, creating a two-fold dense against the infectious invaders.

 Ready to Make the Switch to Artificial Grass

Switching to artificial grass is a cost-effective investment that can release you from the manual labour and expenses of lawn care. You can transform your landscaping with luxury artificial grass for backyards, front lawns, steps, patios, balconies, and more with a few simple steps.