How to Move to Florida: A Checklist

Looking to settle down in a state that boasts year-round sunshine? Florida may just be the perfect place for you and your family.

But before you pack up your car and make the move, there are a few things you’ll want to do. We’ve put together this moving to Florida checklist. That way, your move will become a lot easier!

So, let’s get you started!

Research and Plan

Moving to Florida can be a refreshing change of pace for many people from colder climates. While some may embark on a move without much upfront research or planning, more than likely, you will benefit from preparing ahead of time. 

Research the different areas within the state of Florida to decide which area would be the best fit for your budget and lifestyle. When making decisions, make sure to factor in:

  • cost of living
  • housing
  • climate
  • taxes
  • cultural attractions
  • job opportunities

Decide whether or not you need to make arrangements to move your items to Florida or if you will be purchasing new furnishings. Also, decide if you’re going to rent a place or buy one.

Be specific with your search. If you want to find brand new apartments in Pensacola, be detailed about where to live in Florida. That way, you’ll be aware of what to expect.

Transfer Utilities and Services

Make sure you transfer any necessary utilities and services. Choose your new providers in Florida and transfer service. Contact previous utility providers and set up the transfer of service to your new home.

Schedule disconnection of utilities and services at your current address. Visit the website or contact your new Florida providers and transfer any applicable discounts.

Set up a payment plan with your new Florida providers. Make sure to notify the post office and update your address. Don’t forget to update any magazine subscriptions you have with your new address. 

Find Out Any Residency Requirements

You can start by researching the state requirements online. Make sure to look at regulations relating to taxes, licenses, vehicle registration, and other possible Florida residency requirements.

Additionally, inquire with your county or local governments to determine if there are any additional regulations or requirements you must meet. If you need any special permits or licenses, contact a state agency or applicable local government to complete the process. 

Pack and Move

Pack and transport your belongings the right way. Avoid buying expensive boxes when packing. Use inexpensive plastic bins and bags and reuse them later on. Make a checklist of all the items you want to take with you on the move, and clearly label each box with its content.

Be sure to measure furniture pieces and doorways before leaving your current home to make sure they’ll fit when you arrive in Florida. When packing fragile items, add extra cushioning such as packing paper, styrofoam, or bubble wrap to keep them safe.

Additionally, use quality packing tape to create extra security around the boxes or bins you’re bringing with you. Have a plan for loading and unloading the truck. For heavier items, you may need assistance, and for smaller, more fragile items, make sure you have a helper.

Consider This Moving to Florida Checklist

If you want to move to Florida, these steps are a great place to start. You’ll feel relief and excitement when the process is complete. As you decide to make this move, make sure to follow this moving to Florida checklist!

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