Get Ready for a ’90s Déjà Vu in Interior Design

The ’90s are back – but not in that tacky way with mirrored rooms – no way! Interior designers are bringing back the softer and more traditional side of that decade. We’re talking chintz, skirted tables, needlepoint pillow and glazed solid-colored cotton fabrics. But this time, it’s a modern twist on the ’90s we knew and loved. The beloved designer Nate Berkus once said that the ’90s were about comfort and warmth – but today, we should try and reinterpret those elements in new and fresh ways

Bye-Bye Colored Backgrounds

Remember those colored backgrounds on patterned chintzes? They’re so over. Now, it’s all about a clean, white backdrop. Graphic patterns are definitely in, along with classic touches like skirted tables and gorgeous antiques. But trust me, those fussy ruffles and bows have been left behind. Check out the work of designers like Beata Heuman or Frances Merrill, who are all rocking this new ’90s vibe.

Striking Prints are Making a Comeback

If there’s one thing we remember about ’90s home design, it’s the endless floral prints (Laura Ashley, anyone?). But after years of craving neutrals and monochromatic color stories, we’re ready for some bold prints again! Vivid patterns add life to rooms that have gone a little flat with all those neutrals. Nate Berkus says, “Layering color and pattern onto a neutral base creates a dynamic and inviting space.” In the past few years people really tried to avoid patterns – but times and styles have changed. The secret is not to be afraid to experiment a little. And how do you test it if you did it right? That’s an easy one – you either love it – or you don’t. So go ahead, mix it up with accents and upholstery! Floral prints, like the Flora Velvet Pillow by Vanilla Fly, are on-trend. And don’t forget about animal prints, which were huge in the early ’90s. This Cheetah Cushion by Emma Shipley is a perfect modern update with its whimsical exposed skeleton.

 Brass Accents are Back, Baby!

By the end of the ’90s, we were so over gold. But guess what? Brass is making a major comeback, and it’s here to stay. This time – we’re embracing the natural patina of brass instead of that shiny & polished look.  You can add these small accidents with practical and stylish details like picture frames on your desk or nightstand stand. Nate Berkus explains, “Brass adds warmth and sophistication to any space, especially when paired with bright colors and patterns.” Simple silhouettes make a great statement without going overboard. 

So there you have it! The ’90s are back in a big way – but with a modern twist that’s super chic and fresh. It’s all about bringing those good vibes back and not being afraid to do perhaps something out of the “ordinary”. The secret is to have a plan and know what you want – then, go and rock that retro vibe in your home.