Flooring Trends That are Always in Style

If you are a dedicated follower of fashion when it comes to your clothing and accessories, it follows suit that you will also want an on-trend home design and interior living spaces which ooze luxury.

So, when looking to change the flooring in one or more rooms of your home, it makes sense to look for flooring types which are both practical and stylish and with this in mind, here are some flooring trends that are always in style.

Bold Colours

Bold colours are one of the overarching trends in flooring for 2023 and beyond and as such, when planning communal areas of your home, such as the living room for example, if you are brave enough to take on this trend then you definitely should.

Think mustard carpets, or a vibrant navy blue, with complementing furniture in a dark wood for a dramatic and stylish impact as soon as your guests (or indeed you) walk into the room. Other colours which complement each other include forest green and lighter reds – forest green being very much on trend right now.

Herringbone Pattern

First off, the most prominent pattern when it comes to flooring and tiles trending this year is that of the herringbone pattern.

Remember, of course, that new flooring can entirely change not only the aesthetic of a room, but the feel of it too, and there is no more timeless yet impactful pattern for your floors than herringbone. Herringbone actually goes way back to the beginnings of the Roman empire, where you can still see the rectangles to this day on some roads throughout the country. Not only is herringbone trending in flooring, but it is also currently in clothing and even accessories too.

Natural Stone

Natural stone tiles are perhaps the one type of flooring that has never ceased to be a fashionable and stylish option and from kitchens to hallways, Natural Stone Tiles create a warm and cosy atmosphere in any space.

Not only does this type of flooring make a real statement, but you would be hard-pressed to find the flooring that is as easy to maintain and, what is more, the durability of natural stone truly knows no bounds. In addition, natural stone is a wholly sustainable choice, especially if you source the stone from an established and ethical supplier.

Checkerboard Floors

The fourth type of flooring which seems to always grace the front page of fashion and home décor magazines is that of the checkerboard floor and in particular, this style is best found in hallways, kitchens, cloakrooms and bathrooms.

The addition of a checkerboard floor, whether you choose the traditional and timeless black and white pattern or incorporate a bold colour or two as discussed in detail above, will bring light into the room, as well as a much-needed pattern.

What is more, checkerboard flooring is also another great way of adding a fashionable and stylish type of flooring into an interior living space which is incredibly low maintenance and highly durable.