Exploring the Latest Innovations in Smart Steam Shower Technology

You can transform your bathroom into an immersive, high-tech Turkish bath with a smart shower. You can even pipe in your playlist of favorite songs to enhance the experience.

A steam generator heats cold water to the point of boiling and sends it to the shower stall for you to enjoy. Control it with digital on-panel controls or the MrSteam app.

Infrared Sensing Technology (ITS)

Infrared (IR) sensors use IR radiation to perceive items around them. They convert IR radiation into an electric current using photodiodes, which are often made of silicon. IR sensors are in many everyday products, such as computer mice and TV remotes. They are also used in physical security applications like intrusion detection systems.

IR sensor technology is also commonly used in smart home appliances, such as thermostats and security cameras. These sensors provide a more convenient way to control devices like a smart shower because they eliminate the need for handles or levers, which are prone to wear and tear and are susceptible to moisture buildup.

IR sensors require a lot of power to function, so they are only sometimes the best choice for applications that need to be energy efficient. However, a company has developed a solution to reduce the energy required to operate its steam showers. This is achieved by reducing the time needed for the heater to come on and heat up to its set temperature.

Capacitive Touch Technology (CTT)

Channeling smartphone technology, CTT uses your body’s natural capacitance to operate controls – eliminating the need for push buttons or pressure. You can control various functions using the Solitude mobile app, including steam, lighting, sound, and aromatherapy.

The clear transparent touchscreen displays contain an insulator layer covered in a conductive indium tin oxide (ITO) layer. When touched, the human finger acts as a dielectric and changes the overall capacitance of the circuit. The capacitance is measured by the ITO and detected by a microcontroller. The microcontroller charges and discharges the course and looks for changes in charge-discharge times, indicating user contact.

Unlike optical or acoustic touch sensors, projected capacitance only responds to the presence of human fingers or conductive pens – so there’s little risk of inaccurate readings caused by inanimate objects like rain, leaves, ties and cuffs. This is a key reason why CTT is so popular for consumer electronics and is quickly becoming the standard in commercial/industrial applications.

SteamVectionTM Steam Head

The Linear SteamHead mounts flush to the wall, creating a wide ribbon of smooth, silent steam. It delivers a new performance and aesthetic pleasure to your steam shower experience.

A series of patented interior baffles distribute the incoming steam gently and evenly over a long, narrow opening. This results in a rich cloud of billowing smoke that fills the enclosure. Adding the Aroma Tray or AromaSteam System allows essential oils and fragrances to fill the lungs and warmly embrace your skin, taking your experience to the next level. A diverter attachment directs the flow upward to fill the enclosure with soothing or invigorating natural aromas. Available with an array of designer finish face plates, this patented product complements any bathroom decor.

Corrosion-resistant, hard-coated anodized aluminum construction and finish. It comes standard in polished chrome but is also offered in 7 designer finishes to match your control selection. It easily mounts flush to your walls, with no field assembly required.

Pro Series

This steam shower system has a high-quality steam generator that provides consistent, high-quality steam. It also features a temperature sensor and a timer to prevent oversteaming. Its contemporary-looking keypad can be mounted inside or outside the shower. It offers several important features, including self-draining valves, a stainless steel exterior, and a power-clean technology that flushes the steam head to remove sediment.

A residential steam shower systems features a patented constant steam rate and split tank technology for optimal performance. They are also energy efficient, using only a gallon of water for a 20-minute session.

They’re also compatible with Amazon Alexa, so you can “talk” to your shower and control it from the comfort of your home. You can even ask it questions, get helpful answers, or give basic commands. They’re the perfect option for homeowners who want to add a luxurious new element to their bathroom remodel.