DIY vs. Professional Drain Cleaning: When to Call in the Experts

You’ve got a clogged drain. Your first instinct may be to pull out the plunger or drain cleaner and try to tackle it yourself as a little DIY project. But how do you know when to call in professionals for drain cleaning services instead? Here’s guidance on the factors to consider when deciding between DIY and pro drain cleaning las vegas

Assess the Drain Type and Location

Consider where the clogged drain is located and what type of drain it is. Kitchen sink drains, bathroom sink drains, and tub/shower drains commonly get DIY-friendly hair and soap scum clogs. With basic mechanical unclogging methods like augers or plungers, you may clear those yourself. But for more complex plumbing, like main sewer lines, exterior drainage pipes, or basement floor drains, call the professionals. Attempting to snake those on your own risks damage, flooding issues, or making clogs worse.

Determine If It’s an Isolated Incident or Ongoing Issue

If this is a rare clogging occurrence, taking a DIY first approach makes sense. But if you find yourself plunging the same drain every few weeks, that points to an underlying problem better left to the experts. Frequent clogging can indicate issues like pipe damage, root invasion, or a collapsed line. Professionals like plumbers and drain technicians have the tools (drain scopes and high- pressure water jets) and expertise to fully diagnose and properly fix the root causes of recurring clogs.

Assess the Severity of the Clog

Is it a small basin clog you can perhaps loosen with a Zip-It tool? Or is the entire system backed up, and none of your drains are working? Light shower or sink clogs are DIY territory. But if water refuses to go down at all despite your best plunging efforts, call for reinforcements. The heavier the clog, the higher the risk of water damage from your amateur drain unclogging attempts. Let pros handle severe or systemwide backups.

Determine if There’s Backup or Flooding

If you catch a clog early and water isn’t yet pooling around your drains or toilets, take a DIY crack at it first. But if you have standing water flooding your floors, erupting from drains, or overflowing basins, skip straight to dialing for drain technicians. Widespread flooding risks major water damage in walls and subfloors if not stopped quickly. Only professionals have the hydrojetting methods to clear such heavy obstructions, causing overflows or backups.

Audit Your Tool Arsenal

Do you have the right DIY equipment for the job? For minor bathroom and kitchen sink drains, a small handheld auger or inexpensive drain snake along with a sturdy plunger may do the trick without professional help. But for long pipes, main sewer lines, or basement floor drains, power drain augers, and extended cables may be required. Renting or buying those just for a one-off clog could get costly. For specialty tools and pipe access needed, save yourself the hassle by calling drain techs equipped for the task.

Ask Yourself: Do I Really Want to Do This?

Why are you attempting a DIY unclogging? To save money? Okay, but also consider convenience and your tolerance for handling gross drain gunk. Unclogging pipes yourself means fiddling with towels and buckets to catch splashes…or worse, spills. It also might involve scooping out hair rats and other unmentionables. Be honest about whether you have the stomach and patience for a hands-on drain project or if hiring a pro to spare you the mess has more value for your particular situation.

Mild household clogs are a fair DIY game to try conquering on your own using basic mechanical methods. But when it comes to severe back-ups requiring heavy equipment, extensive flooding, buried pipes, or repeat issues pointing to larger system problems, professionals are your best solution. Know your limits, protect against extensive water or mold damage, and don’t feel defeated calling in experts equipped to remedy issues beyond standard DIY capacities. They have the cameras, hydro jets, electric snakes and knowhow to get even the toughest drain obstacles cleared quickly and permanently.