Cladding vs Siding: What Are the Differences?

Did you know that by 2025, the US home improvement market is expected to reach a value of $621.3 billion?

Your home’s exterior is an easy part of your home that many people ignore. Yet, every bit of care and upkeep you give to the rest of your house will go to waste if you neglect to attain the right tools, materials, and tactics to keep your home’s exterior well-maintained.

To help own your home, read this article discussing the differences between cladding vs siding.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Cladding vs Siding

Cladding vs siding is two options when considering a home’s exterior. Both serve to protect from the elements, but there are some critical differences between them.

What is cladding? It usually covers only the walls of a structure and may be made using different materials. It includes timber, metal, plastic, and masonry. It can be either functional or decorative and act as a barrier against water, air, and dust.

On the other hand, siding is a type of material applied to the entire exterior of a structure. Common siding types include wood, vinyl, aluminum, and engineered wood. The advantages and disadvantages of cladding vs. siding tend to differ depending on the material chosen.

The cladding has the advantage of offering better insulation and durability than siding. Ultimately, the choice depends on the property owner’s needs and the climate in which it is located.

Critical Differences Between Cladding & Siding

The critical difference between these two is that cladding is a type of protection, and siding is a type of aesthetic improvement.

Best cladding helps protect a building from the elements and also helps improve energy efficiency. It also provides additional structural support to a home. The siding, on the other hand, helps curb appeal and boosts the aesthetic value of a home. It covers exposed walls or hides gaps between a building and the ground.

Cladding is usually heavier than the siding, making it a superior protection option. Siding, however, can come in various colors, textures, and styles to fit any home aesthetic. Understanding the critical differences between cladding and siding is essential.

How to Care for Cladding & Siding

When caring for cladding and siding, homeowners should inspect them. They should also clean any dirt or debris from their cladding and siding to prevent any build-up of moisture or water damage.

To prevent any air or moisture from getting in and causing damage, homeowners should seal cladding around doors, windows, and vents. If any damage happens to the cladding and siding, it is best to have it seen and repaired as soon as possible to ensure its structural integrity.

Learning the Differences Between Cladding vs Siding

Cladding and siding are essential to building a structure, offering protection and visual appeal. Choosing between cladding vs siding will depend on your project’s individual needs and aesthetic preferences.

Research both options thoroughly before deciding, and partnering with an experienced tradesperson will ensure a successful outcome. Investigate what material and style best suits your project’s needs – experience the difference cladding or siding can make.

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