Bathroom Remodeling Trends For 2023

Bathroom remodeling trends change quickly. One moment, black faucets are in style, and a few months later, shoppers are focused on gold. We saw numerous bathroom remodeling trends throughout 2023, from artistic tiles to wooden vanities and abstract mirrors.

Many modern trends transform bathrooms from their necessity-based roots to spa-like destinations for relaxation and self-care. We’ve outlined the top bathroom remodeling trends for 2023 so you can check in with what’s popular right now and find inspiration for the future.

Creating More Space

Built-in tubs have been trending among bathroom remodels for decades. Bigger always seemed better until homeowners began noticing their giant built-in tubs often went unused. Today’s designers are seeing clients remove their outdated and often faulty built-in spa tubs. In turn, they gain serenity and room for a walk-in shower, bathroom closet or space-saving standalone tub.

Focusing on Wellness

Many trends from the COVID-19 pandemic have lingered throughout 2023. Homeowners want a house to feel like an oasis, and the bathroom is an excellent place to start. Bathrooms aren’t just for quick showers and relief anymore. They’re places to give your mind and body the relaxation they need after a long day at the desk or a strenuous workout.

Spa-like bathroom trends in 2023 include dimmable lighting, rainfall showers, luxurious finishes and natural greenery. A soaking tub is a welcome addition for a spa-inspired bathroom remodel, and a private toilet area creates a less utilitarian feel.

Wood and Other Natural Elements

On-trend with creating a serene space, wood and other natural elements, such as concrete and earth tones, became increasingly popular in 2023. While stark white vanities, paint and tiles were all the rage in previous years, they’re quickly being replaced by more natural vanities and more colorful cabinetry.

Warm colors and modern organic styles have taken over and will likely remain trending in 2024 too. Many homeowners are finding their trending bathroom furniture online, including free-standing wooden vanities, earth-toned transitional vanities, lightly-colored modern vanities and more.

Doing Away With Square Mirrors

For many years, luxurious bathrooms featured mirrors in the most common shapes, including squares, rectangles and circles. This year, unique décor reigns supreme, including abstract mirrors and fixtures. It’s another sign that bathrooms are becoming more relaxed, whimsical rooms, rather than task-based spaces.


Sustainability has been on trend in recent years, and that’s something we can all get behind. These design elements have less to do with style and more with protecting the environment and the homeowner’s wallet. Sustainable items we’ve seen on the rise in 2023 include LED lightbulbs, light dimmers and water-conserving installations.

Many homeowners are opting for more timeless designs in their bathrooms and throughout their homes. Rather than focusing on the latest craze, some are choosing fixtures, tiles and styles likely to remain popular for years to come.

Luxurious Walk-In Showers

Designers are seeing homeowners do away with their built-in tubs, but that doesn’t mean they’re saying goodbye to luxurious bathing. Upgraded showers are taking the space where oversized tubs once stood. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), multiple showerheads, shower seats and zero-entry showers are all the rage. [c1] Zero-entry showers are desirable for anyone planning on aging with their current home.

Homeowners are also upgrading their walk-in showers with more lavish finishes, such as natural light, satin nickel finishes and attractive tiling. Two-person showers are especially on-trend.

Handcrafted Tiles

Many homeowners are opting to support local artisans rather than tiles from big box stores and mass producers. Decorative, artisan-made tiles may be textured, detailed or designed with a specific artistic interest in mind. They give bathrooms a more creative and less rigid look, adding the relaxed, comfortable feel many homeowners seek in 2023. We appreciate that this trend gives local artisans the fame they deserve.

Understanding the most popular bathroom trends for 2023 may serve as inspiration for your current or upcoming master bath, powder room or other bathroom remodel. Trends are shifting from utilitarian designs to those focused on relaxation and superior wellness.

In 2023, bathrooms are comfortable and creative spaces where you’re invited to pamper yourself. Whichever design elements you choose, we hope your next bathroom remodel improves your home and your overall well-being.