7 Benefits of Going Green and Investing in Solar

The world has used dirty energy sources for a long time now, so it’s no surprise that it makes up most of our energy production. The good news is that this is starting to change. Solar now makes up 3.9% of production in the United States, and that number keeps going up.

Even better — solar is now more affordable than ever. This makes it an excellent choice for homeowners who want to make the switch.

If you’re interested in going green and investing in solar, you probably wonder if it’s worth the investment. Read the guide below to learn why investing in solar is a great option.

1. Boost Your Home Value

Many people don’t understand the value solar panels add to their homes. They know that they can reduce their power bills. But outside of that, they don’t see the value-add.

The good news is that solar panels can play a significant role in increasing your home’s value. The value of solar energy is now well-known, so you can use it to justify a higher price when you sell your house.

The price increase you see usually depends on your energy output. Calculate the average annual savings, and you’ll determine how much to add to your home’s value.

2. Leave the Grid

Solar panels are an excellent option for people who want to live off the grid. But even if you want to get away from it all, you still may need electricity for appliances and electronics. This makes moving to an isolated location not worth it for many people.

In other cases where you’re closer to the world, you can pay the power company to run power to your home. But that also costs a lot of money and leaves you with an extra monthly bill.

With solar panels, none of that is necessary. Even a limited solar installation is enough to power what you need. This means you can stay off-grid without any compromises.

3. Low Maintenance

Another big benefit of solar panels is the lack of maintenance required. Many people worry about installing complicated hardware on their homes. They don’t want to waste much time and money on keeping things running.

Luckily, that isn’t the case with solar panels. You usually don’t need to perform any maintenance on your panels when you get them. All you need to do is keep them free of debris to keep the sun exposure high.

As your solar panels get older, they may require some maintenance. But you can just call a solar company near you to get help taking care of your panels. On top of that, you’ll usually only need to do this one or two times a year.

4. Tax Credits

A major detriment for many people when buying solar panels is the cost. Although the price of solar is lower than ever, it still costs a lot of money to build an installation to power a home.

But with the climate changing, the government wants people to make the investment. The more renewable energy the world produces, the faster it can get off dirty energy sources.

That’s why tax credits are available for people who go green with solar. You have several credits available depending on where you live. These credits can save a significant amount on your total cost, so factor them into your calculation.

5. Reduce Your Bills

Even though a solar installation will be a large upfront investment, it pays for itself in the long term. Since you don’t rely on the grid to get power, you’ll cut your electricity bill.

For many people, they can completely eliminate their bills. You can send excess solar power to a battery system and store the excess energy you produce. This means you can power your home at night and when you don’t get enough sun.

However, you may be unable to purchase a large enough installation to power your home entirely. In cases like this, you can still get a smaller solar system and eliminate part of your power bill.

Many people see a return on investment in under 10 years. You can talk to solar installation services to learn more about what to expect.

6. Get Energy Credits

While a battery bank is a great way to store energy when you don’t need it, it isn’t in the cards for every homeowner. In cases like this, you’ll still need to draw power from the grid to power your home.

However, you have options if your power company lets you sell excess power to the grid. If they do, you’ll receive energy credits for what you sell.

The good thing about energy credits is that you can use them to offset your power bill. If you produce enough extra solar power, you can cover the cost of all the power you draw from the grid.

7. Great Reliability

Solar panels wouldn’t have gotten as popular as they are if they didn’t work. People would see them as a waste of money and look to other energy solutions.

The good thing about solar is that they are highly reliable. Solar technology has come a long way, which means manufacturers create great products.

The best thing about a solar panel is how long it lasts. Most panels have a lifespan of 30 years, so you’ll have plenty of time to see a return on your investment.

Going Green Makes Sense

It’s hard to ignore the problems that are happening with the environment. Storms are getting worse, and the climate isn’t staying the way it was in the past. And now that we understand more about how the climate works, we know that humans are at least partly responsible.

That’s why going green makes sense. And of all the types of energy available, solar panels are the most popular for homeowners. Reach out to a solar panel installer today to learn more about adding solar to your home.

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