5 Things To Remember Before Doing Smoke Damage Clean Up

Did you just have a fire and not know what to do next? Smoke damage clean up is necessary quickly. However, you could get in a lot of trouble with the law, the fire department, or even your landlord.

To avoid deeper and more expensive problems, you need to know what to do immediately after a fire. Here is a full guide so you can take care of your business and prevent long-term problems.

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1. Assemble the Necessary Supplies

Dust masks and protective coveralls should be used during the cleaning process to protect skin and lungs from smoke residue. Protective goggles should be worn to protect eyes from smoke residue and chemical cleaning solutions. Additionally, non-porous gloves should be worn to protect hands from caustic and harsh products used during the cleanup.

Cleaning supplies and all-purpose cleaners should be gathered in order to efficiently clean the entire affected area. Finally, it is important to have materials to dispose of damaged items.

2. Properly Ventilate the Space

Make sure to open all windows and doors to the affected area and use exhaust fans, if available, to remove the smell of smoke. Portable fans can also be used to increase air movement in the room.

Ensure to use a drop cloth to cover any furniture or items you don’t wish to get wet due to any condensation that may form while ventilating the room. Monitor the area for any signs of dampness, and if found, use dehumidifiers to help lessen the damage.

3. Tackle Any Structural Damage Before Clean Up

If personal belongings have visible damage, they should be repaired or removed from the property before starting clean up. Additionally, any holes remaining in walls, floors, and ceilings must be sealed off to prevent further damage.

All furniture, charred wood, and materials that are severely damaged should be removed from the premise and disposed of in an appropriate manner. Finally, it is important to wear protective gear to prevent exposure to hazardous particles that can result from smoke damage. 

4. Don’t Forget to Remove All Soot Residue

Identify the type of material affected by the smoke, as the cleaning process and materials used will vary based on this. Additionally, it is important to use the proper cleaning method for the type of material or object.

Cleaning should always be done in sections, and the object should be re-inspected for any remaining residue once cleaning is complete. Lastly, remember to dry the area as quickly as possible and dispose of any residual cleaning materials immediately.

5. Commit to Regular Follow-up Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance will eliminate unpleasant smoke residues that can linger for months and years after a fire. Even if visible damage has been cleaned up, smoke particles can still be hidden on soft surfaces.

While some areas may appear clean, microscopic leftover particles may be harmful to humans and pets. Having a professional cleaning company like Rainfirerestoration.com come in to will give you peace of mind in knowing the clean up task has been completed correctly.

Remember These When Doing Your Smoke Damage Clean Up

Smoke damage clean up isn’t something to take lightly. Remember to ensure the safety of yourself and your family first, ensure all utilities are off, plan an attack for the cleaning, and throw away any permanent items that have sustained smoke damage.

Do not perform any cleaning before consulting with a professional. To ensure you stay safe and protect your property, reach out to a reliable local contractor for assistance.

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