4 Essential Items to Include on Your Checklist for Buying a House

On average it takes 8 weeks of searching to find the perfect house. However, it could take longer if you are not prepared. 

Before you start on your search your first task is to create a checklist for buying a house. This will ensure you do not miss an essential step and delay moving into your dream home. 

Begin by reading the guide below. 

1. Set Your Budget

Buying a house is all about knowing what you want, but also making boundaries. It is also a huge time-saver to set a budget to avoid looking at housing that is beyond your means. 

Part of your financial planning includes how much of a down payment you can afford. The down payment is one factor that determines your monthly mortgage as well. So, consider your monthly budget and length of your mortgage while planning. 

2. Find a Real Estate Agent

This guide to buying a house is great for getting started but having a professional on hand is essential. That is because buying a house seems simple but it goes a lot faster and smoother if you have a real estate agent on call. 

The job of a real estate agent includes assisting with your house search, negotiating with the seller’s agent, and handling the closing paperwork. 

And the good news about using an agent is that the cost is covered by the seller. 

3. Decide on the Type of House

When you buy a new home, you may be bombarded with too many options. Knowing what type of home you want can help narrow your search. 

There are various styles of houses, from townhomes to single-family homes. You also have condo and apartment options that include many amenities like swimming pools and clubhouses. 

In addition to the style of the home, you also have construction options before you purchase a house. Choose manufactured homes for sale or opt to build a custom home. 

4. Make a Must-Have Mini List

No matter what style you choose, when it comes to buying a home it should fit your needs. Therefore, make a list of your must-haves. 

This is a separate list of features that could include how many bedrooms and bathrooms you desire, outdoor space requirements, and floorplan design preferences.

Divide the list into three categories of deal-breakers, would-be-nice-to-have, and non-essential items. You can filter any homes that do not have your deal-breakers to shorten your list.

Expanding this Checklist for Buying a House

This checklist for buying a house includes the necessary tasks to find your next home. However, you can expand it to suit your needs. For example, add a timeline to stay on track and predict when you need to sell your current home. You might also need to end a lease to your apartment, sell or buy furniture, and plan for your move. 

Your next job is to decorate your new home by visiting our Home Decor section.