2 Bedroom vs 3 Bedroom Apartment: Which Is Right for You?

Now that you’ve finally decided to leave your parent’s nest and become an independent adult, congratulations!

Becoming fully independent means plenty of things, one of which is choosing a new home to reside in. This process can be hard, especially if you haven’t lived on your own ever. Still, we encourage you not to worry.

We’re here to help you make your process easier. Keep reading to learn the difference between a 2 bedroom vs 3 bedroom London aparthotel.

Evaluating Costs of Owning

When evaluating the cost of owning a 2 bedroom vs. 3 bedroom apartment, one must first consider the price associated with the rent or mortgage on the property. This also comes with associated maintenance costs.

The rent or mortgage on a 3 bedroom apartment is usually higher than that of a 2 bedroom apartment. However, monthly utility and maintenance costs may also be higher.

Another important factor when considering cost is the amount of furniture and accessories that may be needed to fill a 3 bedroom apartment. This of which can lead to additional expenses.

Contrasting Upkeep Requirements

Two bedroom apartments generally require less upkeep because they are simpler and have fewer people utilizing them. Three bedroom apartments, on the other hand, require more upkeep. This is to sustain their larger size and higher occupancy.

In a 3 bedroom apartment, you are more likely to need:

  • wall repair
  • floor repair
  • periodic deep cleans
  • frequent general maintenance

While needs may vary due to individual preference, 3 bedroom apartments typically require 2 to 3 times the upkeep and maintenance of a 2 bedroom apartment. This is true, regardless of if you are up for luxury apartments or basic ones.

Weighing the Potential Value of Investment

Though there are more people you can attract to a 3 bedroom apartment, thus more money to earn, a 2 bedroom apartment is often cheaper to buy. This means that the initial investment may not be as high.

Additionally, the increased space in a 3 bedroom apartment may mean more to be maintained, and a higher cost to repair. This means there is greater financial risk. Ultimately, when weighing the potential value of an investment for a 2 bedroom vs 3 bedroom apartment, it is important to consider the:

  • current market value
  • cost of maintenance
  • financial risk involved

These can help guide your decision as to which may be the better option.

Comparing Accessibility and Mobility

With more bedrooms, there is more room to spread out and move around inside the apartment. This allows for better circulation and less congestion. In addition, three bedrooms provide multiple points of egress. This too allows occupants to enter and exit the apartment quickly and safely.

The additional bedrooms also make it easier to accommodate a larger family or provide extra space for visitors. Furthermore, three bedroom homes tend to be more spacious. Thus, allowing for easier access to:

  • furniture
  • appliances
  • outdoor living areas

On the other hand, two bedroom apartments may have limited interior and exterior circulation. This makes it more difficult to navigate and move around inside the space.

Know When to Choose a 2 Bedroom Than a 3 Bedroom Apartment

In conclusion, it is important to make sure that you consider your current stage in life and living budget when deciding to rent a 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom apartment. If you don’t need more space, a two bedroom apartment can provide ample space to live comfortably. In addition, you’ll save money on rent and other costs. Begin your search today and find a space that works best for you.

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