How to Choose a Flower Delivery Service

So, you want to send a flower to your loved one on their birthday, but do not have time to go out and visit a shop, right? Well, whether you believe it or not – it’s a pretty common scenario, especially amongst the male community. 

We always try our best to make the one we adore the most feel loved on their special day. But, in most cases, our responsibilities and the lack of time gets in the way. And that’s why you are now pondering how you can show your effort and make them feel that you love them.

If we’re being honest, most women don’t seek anything else but love, care, and attention from their male partners. But, yes, if you still want to make them feel better, sending their favourite flower can be an option. Fortunately for you, there are loads of online flower services who are willing to help you out. But, how would you choose the best option amongst them?

Let’s find out.

7 Ways to Choose the Best Flower Service

When it comes to choosing an online flower service – the first thing that you look for is their reputation. If that seems good enough, you can start looking for these options too –

1: Checking the Customer Review

Almost every glasgow flower service has a review section on its website. 

So if you go there, you’ll find a lot of people like you who have availed of their services and shared their thoughts on it. If you go through the same, you will specifically find out if they’re good enough or not. And maybe, just maybe, you may also get an idea about their pricing and if they are budget-friendly or not. So, it’s a win-win for you.

2: Delivery Options

Most flower services usually offer two different delivery options – same-day delivery and one-day delivery. If you are in a hurry, you’ll probably want to opt for the first alternative.

But, here’s the thing. The same-day delivery option will depend on two things –

  • The time you’re making your request (they may not be able to deliver the flower if it’s nighttime, especially after 9:00 PM)
  • If you live way too far from their physical location (it might be due to traveling too)

So before you choose someone, you should check if they can deliver the flower whenever you want or not. Or else, it might be a waste of time and money for you.

3: Delivery Fee

If you’re opting for an online flower service, your final payment request will solely depend on two things – the price of the product, and the distance between the shop and your location.

For instance, if you’re living in another state, you might have to pay a lot of money. But if you are living in the same area, the delivery fee will be somewhat low and affordable for you.

Note: If you want the flower to be delivered at a specific place, we would ask you to check if they are currently delivering to the area or not. 

4: The Customer Service

If you’ve opted for an international flower service, you should check if their customer service is available 24×7 or not. After all almost anything can go wrong when your product is coming from a different part of the world. So, you have to be updated with them all the time.

Customer service might also help you with all the inquiries you have about the system. If there’s something you’re worried about, you should reach them too. So, as customer service is such an integral part of your experience, it has to be a must for someone you’re choosing. 

5: Additional Charges

Some flower delivery services can charge a bit of additional money by offering things, like –

  • Packaging
  • Providing a vase
  • Adding a specific quote

So, if you don’t want these, it might be better to let them know about it at the beginning. This, in turn, will reduce your expenses a little more and help you gift someone anonymously too.

Just the right thing to showcase your love to your crush without letting them know your name, right?

6: Sustainability

In today’s world, eco-friendliness has become quite an important thing for everyone. Hence, it is important for you to choose someone who is adhering to sustainable resources while they’re operating. It might be related to delivering, packaging, or anything else.

Furthermore, using a locally-sourced flower instead of getting it from a further place might be ideal for this purpose too. Also ensure that they are recycling stuff, no matter what.

7: Flexible Timing

If you are ordering something from an international brand or shop, the timing might be a thing of concern to you. So, if you want to ensure a convenient delivery, you’ll have to ensure that you are opting for someone who’s offering flexible timing.

With them onboard, you will be able to choose the time you want to get your order delivered. It might be beneficial if you are working in a 9 to 5 job and want to receive the product when you get back. Yes, the price might get a little higher in this aspect, it’ll be convenient.

A Word of Caution

Choosing an online flower delivery service is certainly much more convenient than going to a shop or two every now and then. But, if you choose the wrong person, the entire thing may go horribly wrong. In a worst-case scenario, you might end up losing your money as well.

So if you don’t want any inconvenience coming your way, it might be best to opt for someone through recommendation. This way, it’ll be easier for you to contact them. 

And, you can also get the person (who recommended it to you) help if needed. So, all-in-all, it will be a win-win case for you, no matter how you look at it.