Flag Store Near Me: How To Hoist a Flag Like a Pro

Did you know that 51% of the country has an American flag in their home? If you are in the middle of searching “flag store near me” to have your own flag to display, we are here to share how to hoist a flag like a pro. Believe it or not, there is a proper way to hoisting a flag.

Read on to learn more in our flag hoisting guide below.

Step 1: When Hoisting a Flag on a Flagpole

The first step is to tie a knot on the top and bottom of the flag or at the end of the halyard. The halyard is the rope that connects the flag to the flag pole. If you have a flag with a toggle and rope, the toggle will usually be located at the top of the flag.

You will tie the rope from the bottom of the flag to the other end of the halyard. In the event that you don’t have a toggle, tie the knot to attach the loop at the end of the flag to the halyard.

Keep in mind that hoisting a flag means that you’re raising a flag to its highest position so that it is as visible as possible for all to see. Check out Ultimate Flags- to get an idea of the flag options and whether they have a toggle or not.

Step 2

Next, you will pull the rope or halyard and continue pulling it down. As you pull down this will raise the flag up. Once the flag is all the way at the top of the pole, double-check that you don’t have any slack in the halyard.

Keep the halyard as tight as possible so that it remains close to the pole.

Step 3

While you keep the rope tight, wrap it around the flag pole’s cleat. The cleat is attached to the pole that you use to tie the rope. When you loop it over the cleat, create a figure 8 pattern to keep the rope from coming undone.

Using a figure-8 pattern is the best way to keep the halyard secure without worrying about your flag flying away.

United States Flag Hoisting Rules

If you plan on flying the flag of the United States there are a few rules you want to make sure you’re familiar with. One of these rules is to show respect to the flag at all times.

You never want to accidentally hoist the flag upside down because this is a huge sign of disrespect. The only time that it is ok to fly a flag upside down is in case you have to signal an emergency.

Also, do not allow the flag to touch anything below it. If the flag is in poor condition (torn or ripped), do not fly it. If it’s filthy, or torn, destroy the flag. Unless you have a flag that can handle mother nature, do not hoist it in inclement weather.

Last but not least, only display your flag from sunrise to sunset. As the sun is rising in the morning you can hoist it and fly it all day, unless it is raining. When the sun starts to set, then lower the flag and remove it from the halyard slowly and with respect.

Flying the U.S. Flag on Memorial Day

There are federal guidelines in place when hoisting an American flag on Memorial Day. You will have to attach the flag to the halyard and raise it to its peak. Once it’s all the way at the top, let it sit there for a few seconds of silence and then lower it to half-staff slowly.

The flag should remain at half-staff until noon and then at noon, it can be raised to the top of the flag pole and it can remain there until sunset when you lower the flag for the night. Unless you have a way to illuminate the flag at nighttime, do not fly it in the dark.

Don’ts of Flying American Flags

If you are opting to buy an American flag you don’t want to fly other flags above the U.S. flag or to the right of the American flag. If you ever fly the flag at half-mast, you have to first raise it to full-mast and then lower it back to half-mast.

Don’t ever fly your flag at half-mast unless it’s from sunrise to noon on Patriot day, or Memorial Day. Don’t fly your flag at night unless it is well illuminated.

Last but not least, don’t fly your American flag in bad weather unless you invest in an all-weather flag.

Do’s of Flying the American Flag

Do fly the flag with the union at the top and next to the flag pole. The union part of the flag is the blue field with the white stars. Do fly your flag from sunrise to sunset.

If you are waiting for your pole but still want to hang your flag, make sure you drape it from a windowsill with the union at the top. The union should appear on the top left when you are looking directly at it draped from the window.

Time to Search: “Flag Store Near Me”

Now that you have learned our flag hoisting advice you can search “flag store near me” with confidence. Once you buy your perfect flag you can hoist your flag like a pro.

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